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Jane's Attack Sqaudron

This afternoon, we received the unfortunate news that the future Jane's Attack Squadron is in serious doubt. Jeff Brown, Senior Director of Corporate Communications, sent us this official press release:

Message from Electronic Arts

For more than two years, Electronic Arts has worked diligently to support Looking Glass Studio's development of Jane's Attack Squadron and bring it to market.

The title was originally scheduled to be published in October of 1999. Although there had been several delays, EA continued its collaboration with Looking Glass Studios in hopes of releasing the game in 2000.

However the recent closure of Looking Glass Studios, along with departure of key creative personnel, has delivered a serious setback.

Today, the project and parties involved have changed significantly and the future of this title is now beyond EA's control.

Sadly, we no longer feel EA is capable of publishing this title as originally envisioned.

We realize that remaining team members and loyal fans wish to see development of this project continue. We wish them the best in their efforts to see this title through to publishing.

Jeff Brown
Sr. Director of Corp. Comm.
Electronic Arts

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